07/03/2019: The day we handed of our Scirocco to the Garage Losch Junglinster. We had no idea how big the 2019 project would be. Photo credits: Kevin Junck

History of Lët’z Fetz asbl:

We, Gilles and Pier, out of a spontaneous, slightly exhilarated mood, started a project for a good cause with the aim of collecting donations for the organisation “Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen” in 2019.

We wanted to support the organization “Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen” because it deals with a still current topic which is also very important to us; the integration, help and cultural exchange with refugees from all over the world who come to Luxembourg.

All these experiences, impressions and adventures we had during our project were just fantastic and have left their mark on us. The ingenious moment of our donation handover at the end of our project and the knowledge that there are still so many things that can be done to our society motivated us to found our own non-profit organization,which has only one goal; the good cause.

21/07/2019: The arrival of the Pothole Rodeo in Zadar, Croatia.
Photo credits: Team Murauer Charity Rodeo

Project 2019:

We did this whole project 2019, Lët’z Fetz, as part of the Pothole Rodeo. An international car rally in the Balkans, which takes place in 10 days and goes through 16 countries and over 4000 km.

Conditions of participation of the rally were as follows: The car must be older than 20 years and must not cost more than 500 € when purchased. We bought a Scirocco II from 1983. With the great help of Garage Losch Junglinster we made our Scirocco, which we bought in a desolate condition, drivable again.

Four artists provided by their Graffiti art for the optical highlight.

The great help from all our sponsors and fans helped us to realize a great project, so that we so that we were able to drive 8272,5 km through 23 countries in 16 days.

We are very proud that in the end our donation was a total of 4828,76 €.

08/11/2019: Check Presentation at “den Atelier”.
Photo credits: Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen
Lettering designed by Sarah Espen